Future of Work

Future Skills 2020 Conference

How can we understand the future of work and skills? Let’s use evidence to map where we’ve been and plan where we want to go. On behalf of the Future Skills Centre, The Conference Board of Canada is facilitating the Centre’s first conference, bringing together skills stakeholders from across Canada to prepare today for the workforce of tomorrow.

November 16-17, 2020 | Free conference

The Future Skills Centre

The Future Skills Centre (FSC) will help Canadians prepare for, transition and adapt to new jobs and a changing labour market…


Our lives have been altered in more ways than we can describe. Thankfully, one aspect that hasn’t changed is our ability to access necessities. Even as self-isolation and physical distancing become part of our everyday vocabulary and behaviour, Canadians are still able to buy groceries, fill prescriptions, and use technologies to connect and stay productive.