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Data and Analytics, Privacy and Organizational Security

Live Webcast

Blockchain and Security

March 28, 2018, from 2:30–3:30 p.m. EST

Blockchain promises to be a tool for greater security and trust in a growing number of applications across industry. These applications and use cases are evolving quickly for various areas such as cyber security, IoT devices, supply chains, contracts, and records.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada invites you to join this live webcast that will provide an opportunity to discuss and ask questions about current use cases, opportunities, as well as challenges and risks for blockchain and security

This live webcast has simultaneous translation in English and French.

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Who We Are

Data Analytics, Privacy, and Organizational Security initiatives are distinctive but interconnected, and all imperative to an organization’s success. The Conference Board of Canada actively addresses these areas through three separate Executive Networks: the Council for Chief Data and Analytics Officers, the Council for Chief Privacy Officers, and the Council for Security Executives.

Each of these Councils provides a forum for strategic dialogue, thinking and planning; a safe and non-partisan space for networking, benchmarking and troubleshooting with like-minded peers; a medium for the exchange of experiences, knowledge, ideas and best practices.

How We Can Help You

  • Learn and explore best practices that you can apply directly within your organization to improve performance
  • Grow your professional network and enhance your personal development
  • Tap into and leverage our expertise in data and analytics, privacy and security issues
  • Engage us to complete research work, providing you with critical insights
  • Request us as a speaker for your event or with your team
  • Learn and engage with executive peers in your field from across the country

Safety and Security Blog

Latest Research

Thumbnail of report coverBuilding Solutions for Canada’s Future: Summary Report of the Canadian Privacy Summit 2017

What is the right formula for protecting privacy and data collection? This report summarizes privacy issues, as expressed at the Canadian Privacy Summit 2017.

Latest Webinars

Cybersecurity and Legal Compliance: How to Strike a Balance

Organizations need to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to be compliant with regulations as well as be able to react to cyber attacks in real time. This webinar will touch on four key steps that organizations can take to effectively respond to these dual requirements.

Beware Ransomware: Learning from the University of Calgary Ransomware Case

This past year, The University of Calgary was victim to a ransomware attack, for which it paid $20,000 in order to regain access to their own organizational data. This webinar will detail the lessons learned from the situation, and how it has changed organizational culture within the university.

Upcoming Events

October 3–4, 2018
Council for Chief Privacy Officers
Edmonton, Alberta 

October 10–11, 2018
Council for Chief Privacy Officers
Montreal, Quebec

November 7–8, 2018
Council for Security Executives
Montreal, Quebec

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Meetings and Marketing Coordinator