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Corporate-Indigenous Relations Council (CIRC)

The Corporate-Indigenous Relations Council (CIRC) is a networking council within the Indigenous and Northern Communities  knowledge area.

The Corporate-Indigenous Relations Council (CIRC) helps senior-level representatives from public, private, and Indigenous organizations build and leverage their relationships to better address their objectives. It provides a forum where Canada’s foremost leaders in Indigenous relations can candidly share their experiences, as well as next and best practices, in a trusted environment.

Membership is composed of corporate-Indigenous thought leaders and senior representatives from the private and public sectors as well as from Indigenous organizations—all with a vested interest in building trusted relationships as a foundation for pursuing mutually beneficial outcomes and partnerships.

Key objectives

  • To significantly contribute to the mutual pursuit of dynamic, collaborative, fair and constructive Corporate-Indigenous relations and interests in Canada.
  • To build trusted relationships as a basis for mutually beneficial partnerships.


“CIRC provides the opportunity for open, candid discussion on a number of issues with practitioners from various sectors and jurisdictions across Canada, resulting in valuable dialogue, debate, problem-solving and information exchange. Membership in CIRC has helped us gain further insight regarding Aboriginal relations and key developments through high quality programming, networking opportunities, and information sharing.”

—Lesley Williams, Senior Manager, Aboriginal and Regulatory Affairs,
Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)

“The Corporate-Indigenous Relations Council (CIRC) is one of the best forums I have the opportunity to participate in, and it provides a lot of value to my organization. The meetings provide a unique opportunity to thoughtfully and candidly discuss cutting-edge ideas and practical issues with business, government and indigenous leaders from across the country.”

—Justin Huston, Chief Executive Officer,
Nova Scotia Office of Aboriginal Affairs

“Membership in CIRC is pivotal for institutions like the First Nations University of Canada. It creates a much-needed space where we as educators can network with, and better understand the unique needs and challenges facing, both business and government. This in turn helps us to better prepare the next generation of Indigenous leaders. It also provides an important opportunity to grow and develop our unique partnerships and spark engagement throughout Canada.”

—Dr. Mark S. Dockstator, President,
First Nations University of Canada

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CIRC brochure

Image of the CCAR agenda cover Download the CIRC brochure (PDF)

Contact Us

For more information on how you can participate in the Corporate-Indigenous Relations Council, or for a guest invitation to a meeting, contact:

Stefan Fournier

Jo-Leen Folz
Network Officer