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Despite uptick in unemployment, wage growth surges

Fewer jobs for the month and weak labour force growth meant the unemployment rate ticked up slightly in July. However, the decline should be taken in the context of Canada’s phenomenal labour market performance over the past 7 months...

CBoC—August 9, 2019

May GDP report shows Canadian economy continues to recover

The Canadian economy expanded by 0.2 per cent in May, the third straight month of solid growth. This is yet another sign that the economy continues to recover from a weak start to the year, and it aligns...

CBoC—July 31, 2019

Building construction booming, buoyed by low vacancy rates

Non-residential building construction has grown strongly over the last year, buoyed by very low industrial and commercial vacancy rates in Vancouver and Toronto...

CBoC—July 22, 2019

Data dilemmas: Analytics, infrastructure, governance and talent.

Our federal government is not the only organization struggling to collect, produce, and analyze useful data. Many private, academic, and non-profit sector businesses are also struggling to adapt to our data-driven world.

Dr. Vanessa Thomas—July 18, 2019

HR & OHS can better manage cannabis in the workplace by working together

Occupational health and safety (OHS) and human resource (HR) professionals have a unique opportunity to join forces to build stronger, safer workplaces. A recent pulse survey found that a good working relationship...

Dr. Bill Howatt and Charles Boyer—July 19, 2019

Retail sales decline in May

Following three consecutive increases, today’s Statistics Canada release showed retail sales declining by a slight 0.1 per cent in May. This comes on the heels of a slowdown in April that followed strong back-to-back gains in February and March.

Christopher Heschl—July 19, 2019

Falling energy prices weigh on price growth

After increasing by 2.4 per cent in May, inflation growth slowed to a 2.0 per cent pace in June as energy prices fell. Core inflation came in at the Bank of Canada’s 2.0 per cent target, giving the Bank...

Alicia Macdonald—July 17, 2019

How psychologically safe is your workplace?

The degree of severity, duration, and intensity of mental distress as a result of workplace related stress will ultimately determine a person’s risk for developing a diagnosable mental illness.

Dr. Bill Howatt—July 9, 2019

Employment up in most metropolitan areas compared with June 2018

Employment increased on a year-over-year basis in 28 of 33 CMAs, including in the six largest ones, led by Toronto and Vancouver. Montréal registered the weakest gain among the Big Six with employment advancing by 0.4 per cent year-over-year.

Henry Diaz—July 8, 2019

Labour markets remain tight despite lack of job gains

Canada’s labour market took another pause in June. This is the second consecutive month with no job gains. Nonetheless, the labour market’s performance so far this year remains impressive and unemployment remains very low.

Matthew Stewart—July 5, 2019

Canadian international merchandise trade

Canada’s merchandise trade sector turned in another positive performance in May as both export and imports recorded increases. Although the May numbers were encouraging, rising uncertainty...

Doris Chu—July 3, 2019

Man with head in one hand while other holds a cellphone to his ear
A direct manager can impact your mental health—positively or negatively

Interacting with a direct manager who’s controlling and negative can lead to stress, but dealing with one who is positive, encouraging and supportive can be good for employees’ mental health.

Dr. Bill Howatt—July 3, 2019

Gaps in your company’s mental health programs

Employers want to improve their workplace focus on mental health and create a psychologically safe workplace, but many just don’t know where to start.

Dr. Bill Howatt—June 27, 2019

Are you on autopilot? Tips to avoid repercussions

Being on autopilot increases the risk for developing poor health and social habits that can lead to negative consequences that can impact our workplace experience and mental health.

Dr. Bill Howatt—June 27, 2019

Cannabis: The numbers behind the smoke

While the cannabis industry is just getting off the ground in Canada, it has already become a major part of our economy. The first batch of economic information released since recreational...

Dr. Bill Howatt and Matthew Stewart—June 27, 2019

How to respond to feedback constructively

Your colleague tells you they have some concerns with the project you’ve been working on with your biggest client. Also, your manager is frustrated and wants to provide you the client’s feedback directly. As you sit and wait for your manager...

Dr. Bill Howatt—June 27, 2019

Radiology wait times

Annual price of excessive wait times for radiology services is $3.54 billion—and the situation is not improving. In addition, the investment needed for modernization of Canada’s medical imaging...

CBoC—June 25, 2019

Retail trade

Statistics Canada release showed retail sales edging up a mere 0.1 per cent in April. This followed strong back-to-back gains in February and March, so a slowdown...

Constantinos Bougas—June 21, 2019

Person weighing cannabis buds on a scale
Data on governments earnings from cannabis legalization

st-ever figures on government tax revenues from the sale of cannabis products. The numbers have been lower than expected, thanks in part to the bumpy rollout of...

Robyn Gibbard—June 19, 2019

Three industrial chimney stacks emitting steam
Reducing greenhouse gases

The opportunities for Canadian provinces to achieve reductions in GHG emissions in electricity sectors are abundant...

CBoC—June 18, 2019

CUSMA’s impact on Canada’s economy

The planned ratification of CUSMA, or the USMCA, may deliver stability for Canada’s economy for at least six years. But exactly how the changes will impact is the heart of the matter.

CBoC—June 13, 2019

Potential economic reconciliation of Indigenous-industry relationships

Canadian sectors and organizations have a genuine opportunity to improve relationships with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people across the country...

Stefan Fournier and Candice Shaw—June 17, 2019

Unemployment rate hits record

Canada’s unemployment hit a record low in May. The economy created 27,000 new full-time jobs after April’s record increase and...

Cory Renner—June 7, 2019

Who decides if medical cannabis is a treatment option for you?

This question doesn’t have a clear answer and requires careful consideration, the guidance of your medical professional and, in many cases, a conversation with your employer.

Dr. Bill Howatt—June 6, 2019

Northern Canada faces climate change challenge

The threat of climate change to property and infrastructure has become increasingly apparent to Canadians. This is an urgent reality faced by many of Canada’s remote northern communities.

Kaitlyn Rathwell, Adam Fiser, and Soha Keen—June 5, 2019

How fatigue can prevent your full potential

How many hours of sleep do you get before a typical day of work? Too many people show up to work fatigued because of a lack of sleep. Beyond feeling tired and sleepy, a person who is....

Dr. Bill Howatt—June 4, 2019

Employment up in most metropolitan areas

Canada’s six largest cities accounted for 65 per cent of the country’s net year-over-year job creation.

Constantinos Bougas—May 13, 2019

Cannabis in the workplace

Both employers and employees are accountable for responsible cannabis use. The most important responsibility for both groups is to maintain safety in the workplace and for the general public.

Bill Howatt and Jason Fleming—May 9, 2019

Cyber and hybrid threats to Canada and its allies

Cyber security threats are now considered a global security concern on par with traditional conventional military threats. Our interconnected world means that cyber threats and…

Brent Dowdall—May 6, 2019

Employee trends disrupting benefits plans

As workplaces become more generationally diverse, the needs of employees have become more complex. More than ever, HR professionals are looking for ways to respond to these varied needs.

CBoC—May 1, 2019

How to navigate cannabis in the workplace

It’s been less than a year since recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada, and it’s too early to know whether managers are seeing more employees coming to work impaired.

Dr. Bill Howatt and Monica Haberl—April 26, 2019

Economic growth falters in February

The Bank of Canada maintained its overnight rate at 1.75 per cent this morning. The Bank also made a significant downgrade to its economic projection and dropped its reference to future rate hikes.

Alicia Macdonald—April 24, 2019

Five trends that will change your benefits

Employee expectations are changing, and nowhere is this more evident than in benefit offerings. Canadian employers are being challenged to appeal to a multi-generational workforce.

CBoC—March 20, 2019

Managing and preventing workplace violence

The wrong time to prepare for a crisis is when you’re in one. Ignoring the risk for workplace violence does little to prevent it.

Dr. Bill Howatt—February 12, 2019

Alberta’s crude dilemma

According to the government’s plan, cuts will be imposed on operators for all volumes above a 10,000 barrels per day threshold, with a target of cutting a total of 325,000 barrels per day of production.

Pedro Antunes and Carlos Murillo—January 18, 2019

Which province welcomes the most immigrants?

We compare the provinces by total number of new arrivals and as a share of Canada’s population.

Kareem El-Assal—January 7, 2019

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