The Latest Trends in Global Immigrant Entrepreneur Programs and Lessons for Canada

The Conference Board of Canada, September 11, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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Leading business immigration expert Stephane Tajick will tap into his extensive research findings to walk you through the most important developments in global immigrant entrepreneur programs. Stephane will discuss the latest trends, program models, and highlight key lessons for Canada. Specifically, how can Canada design 21st century immigrant entrepreneur programs for the 21st century economy?

Webinar Highlights

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of Canada’s business immigration program, though, while Canada has been able to successfully predict the success of skilled workers, it continues to struggle to identify the best selection criteria for immigrant entrepreneurs. The limited success that Canada’s governments have had with immigrant entrepreneur programs has led to significant developments in recent years. Notably, the federal Entrepreneur Program was shut down in 2014 and while it has not been replaced by a comparable successor, the Start-up Visa Program aims to address previous shortcomings by seeking innovative immigrants more likely to experience business success in the 21st century economy. With the federal government’s intake of entrepreneurs now very minimal, the provinces and territories have taken the lead in welcoming entrepreneurs to Canada under their respective immigration programs.

However, the provinces and territories too, have faced significant hurdles which has led to them making frequent reforms to their entrepreneur programs. The hurdles are not unique to Canada as other countries with entrepreneur programs experiencing similar challenges. Indeed, many countries around the world have launched new entrepreneur programs over the past decade in response to the growing supply of immigrant entrepreneurs. So, at a time when Canada is viewed as a global leader in welcoming immigrants, it can perhaps draw upon the experiences of other countries to improve its entrepreneur programs.

This recorded webinar is relevant for federal and provincial policymakers, immigration lawyers and consultants, economic development agencies, researchers, and all those who want to enhance their knowledge of immigrant entrepreneur programs.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The latest developments in immigrant entrepreneur programs around the world
  • The most popular immigrant entrepreneur programs and why they are so appealing
  • What other countries do to help immigrant entrepreneurs succeed
  • Good practices in immigrant entrepreneur programs and what Canada can learn
  • How Canadian immigrant entrepreneur programs can be improved to spur economic development

About Stephane

Photo of Stephane TajickStephane Tajick Consulting launched Global Residence in 2016 to provide evidence-based insights on business immigration and high net-worth individuals for industry professionals and governments around the world. In 2011, Stephane Tajick Consulting pioneered the concept of “post-landing services” for business immigration schemes to help optimize program performance.

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