Cultivating a Civil, Respectful and Safe Workplace

The Conference Board of Canada, October 8, 2020 at 02:00 PM EDT
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Since the beginning of the pandemic nearly 5 million Canadians began working from home. Employers have faced many challenges navigating this new world, including the rapid shift to a remote workforce or maintaining employees on site during challenging time. Now more than ever in stressful times, it will be the responsibility of all employers to ensure that employees have a psychologically safe work environment. Incivility, bullying, harassment, and discrimination have profound costs for organizations. If left to fester, it can erode performance, productivity, teamwork, and morale.

Webinar Highlights

In this webinar, Dr. Bill Howatt will discuss the real costs of incivility and strategies to promote a psychologically safe workplace – whether it be within a physical workplace or within a dispersed remote workforce.

In recent years, the conversation around respectful and safe workplaces has evolved, and the focus has shifted from policy controls to how leaders can cultivate behaviours that foster respect. Bill will share the benefits of creating strategies and programs focused on curbing incivility and how to translate these into a remote workplace setting.

Webinar highlights include:

  • Exploring what incivility is and is not.
  • Expanding your understanding of a respectful workplace.
  • Review of what employers can do to reduce acts of incivility.

About Bill

Bill Howatt is Chief of Research, Workforce Productivity, for The Conference Board of Canada. Bill is the former chief research and development officer for workforce productivity, Morneau Shepell, and founder of Howatt HR Consulting. He has over 25 years’ experience in strategic HR, mental health and addictions, and leadership.

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