Social Sustainability Leadership: A Transformational Approach

The Conference Board of Canada, October 16, 2013
Recorded Webinar
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This special one hour webinar with Coro Strandberg, sustainability expert and thought leader, explores how you can join the corporate leadership movement to transformational social sustainability. The webinar will help you advance your corporate social sustainability program beyond philanthropy.

Webinar Highlights

Global social risks to business make the daily headlines: income inequality, aging population, obesity, food and water scarcity. More and more companies recognize that business as usual is not an option. Forward-thinking companies look ahead 40 years and question how nine billion people will live within the limits of our planet. Yet there is little guidance on how a business can contribute to social solutions while creating value for shareholders and owners.

In this 60-minue session, Coro Strandberg outlines the practical steps a company can take to start down the path to transformational social sustainability. She gives you an overview of the trends, risks, and opportunities for companies that will increase their positive social impacts.

About Coro:

photo of Coro StrandbergCoro Strandberg, Principal of Strandberg Consulting, is a leading national corporate social responsibility consultant. She advises corporations and organizations on the integration of sustainability into governance, risk management, strategy and operations in ways that create business and societal value. Coro is a recognized CSR thought leader, with over twenty years of experience in sustainability integration. With an early career in community development, municipal social planning and provincial social policy, Coro is a specialist in social sustainability transformation. Leveraging this background, she will provide insights on how to incorporate a strategic social lens in business.

About Andy:

photo of Andy BroderickJoining Coro in this session is Andy Broderick, Vice President of Community Investment at Vancity Credit Union. Andy is a values-based financial co-operative and international CSR leader. Prior to joining Vancity, he served as Executive Managing Director of GreenSpace Developments, a New York based investment fund created to finance nonprofit-owned and LEED-certified office and program facilities. Andy will discuss Vancity's ground-breaking approach to advancing social sustainability through its core business. He will describe how Vancity has transformed its business model to increase its social impact and will share the lessons learned along the way.

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