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Nadine Ryan-Bannerman

Executive Coach
The Niagara Institute

Nadine Ryan-Bannerman is a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Organizational Effectiveness Consultant with experience in effective collaboration within organizations, resolving conflicts, negotiation, and managing change. She has one goal: help leaders improve themselves to drive organizational success and achieve superior business results.

Having consulted to and coached emerging leaders from managers and directors to CEOs and Assistant Deputy Ministers, Nadine has the breadth and depth of experience to customize coaching plans to focus on her clients’ most pressing needs. She focuses on an in-depth assessment of individual, team, and leadership strengths and weaknesses, and then works collaboratively with her clients to develop a unique strategy for improvement and success.

In addition to leading collaboration, strategic alliance, negotiation and large-scale change projects, Nadine designs and delivers workshops on Conflict Resolution, Negotiating, Implementing Change, Building Resilience at Work, Internal Collaboration and Negotiating, Negotiating for Women, and Respectful Workplace.

For one company, she consulted on aligning leader, team, and individual accountability and issue facilitation following a merger. Nadine linked the accountabilities to the organization's strategy and goals and created measurable outcomes for each leader. The CEO's feedback was that this project was the most useful initiative during the year following the merger.