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Public Sector Leadership Council

Public Sector Executives aspire to become better leaders—create a work environment that will generate positive outcomes from their employees, fostering an inclusive culture that leverages diverse, dynamic talent in today’s challenging working environment. The benefits to government of having good leaders are many—including an improved overall performance, high employee engagement, and better retention.

The Public Sector Leadership Council (PSLC) provides a forum for government executives to hear from subject matter experts on leadership. Members are provided with an opportunity to share best practices and challenges with peers. PSLC helps leaders develop strategies to attract, retain, and leverage diverse talent, so that employees can optimize their potential. PSLC members also learn strategies to influence key leaders and stakeholders—raising their profile within government. Through regular meetings, networking, webinars, and an exclusive website, individual challenges are transformed into collective insights.

Key Objectives

  • Provide a venue for public sector leaders to learn about innovative solutions from internal and external presenters
  • Encourage learning through networking with colleagues from a variety of organizations, disciplines and levels of government
  • Exposure to leading-edge approaches and methodologies

What's New

Next Meeting

  • September 25-26, 2019   Ottawa ON

PSLC Brochure

Image of the PSLC Brochure Cover Download the PSLC Brochure (PDF)

Upcoming Meetings

September 2526, 2019
Ottawa ON

January 2930, 2020
Ottawa ON

April 2930, 2020
Ottawa ON