Mary Ann Baynton

Gillian Brouse

HR Strategy Change Lead
The Bank of Canada

Gillian Brouse is HR Strategy Change Lead at The Bank of Canada. From 2015 to 2018, Gillian was a key player in an award-winning initiative that modernized HR practices, programs, and tools at Canada's central bank. One reason for the program's success was a conscious and sustained effort to invite employees and leaders across the organization to "co-design" the changes HR was making, inviting them to feed into surveys, visioning sessions, design workshops, hands-on trials, and other engagements. Beyond the obvious benefits—improving buy-in and easing adoption—it led to better design outcomes and had a lasting, positive impact on culture. In addition to shaping and implementing this approach, Gillian championed the creation of guiding principles that HR still refers to when designing and rolling out new programs and tools.