Benefits of Attending

AI and Impact of Technology—you need to know the latest digital resources available and this conference will have it. Important developments in technology are allowing more access to mental health services and this is only going to continue to build momentum. Don’t get left behind.

Cannabis and Implications for Workplace Mental Health—how can employers better prepare themselves within the new world of legalized cannabis? What is the relationship between cannabis and mental health? Get your questions answered here!

Creating Communities—while organizations keep pushing programs to employees, are they really taking it up? Is that the best way? And to address social isolation, perhaps creating workplace communities is the place to start. Workplace mental health has two-way accountability between employees and employers; giving more attention towards employees may be the way rebuild your organization. And while we are getting better at intervening, having difficult conversations, and better supporting employees FACE-TO-FACE. We are less skilled at stepping in, talking, and lending a hand to our employees working remotely. How do we make the digital world more human and have real workplace mental health conversations with our remote workforce? A discussion that needs to happen now.

Making Workplace Mental Health Feel REAL—creating a workplace that lives the strategy and values takes a commitment to culture. Learn what a mentally healthy culture looks like in action. This will include discussions on better supporting people leaders and better understanding what walking the talk really means; how organizations use positive psychology to help employees thrive; and the power of storytelling to enable employees and leaders to change the conversation on workplace mental health for the better.

Peer-to-Peer Learning—we will have experts on deck to teach, support, and share their experiences; however, one of the best ways to learn is from each other. With that in mind, you can expect to role-up your sleeves, dig into the conversation, and have an opportunity to get your burning questions answered. We also know you want to hear from people like you! So we’ve built time into the program for practical case studies. Through peer-to-peer learning and case study examples you will be able to benchmark your initiatives and better understand what success looks like for your peers. You’ll hear how leading organizations asses themselves with practical data to show results that are foundational to the sustainability of their initiatives.