Is Health and Safety on Your Board’s Agenda?

The Conference Board of Canada, 20 pages, August 11, 2014
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This briefing discusses how boards can ensure the quality of their due diligence and make an important contribution to the risk culture of their organization by assuming formal oversight of workplace health and safety risk.

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Most organizations recognize the importance of addressing health and safety concerns at the operational level. However, a strong business case can be made for engaging in a more strategic organizational response—one that demands board-level oversight.

Due diligence is at the core of all board-level functions. As financial stewards of the organization, board members are accountable for the organization's ongoing financial viability as well as legally liable for how the organization is governed. The board is responsible for overseeing a wide spectrum of corporate activities, including strategy, leadership, compliance, and organization-wide risk. Even in situations where corporate responsibilities are held by management, boards remain both accountable and liable for quality oversight. Standards of accountability apply when health and safety risks may result in financial hardship for the organization.

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