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Human Resources Management Service Reports

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Engaging Next-Gen of Workers

What if the single biggest factor shaping the future success of our organizations, employees and students is whether or not we can engage one person at a time? What if unlocking discretionary effort is the key? In fact, numerous studies are pointing to findings just like that. It appears that if people care and if they have a positive and engaging approach to what they are involved in, the future looks bright. If they don't, quite the opposite. The challenge is, from the moment people enter school until they transition into work, engagement levels drop. Attitudes towards work and working has changed in young people.

Recorded Webinar | December 2018 | The Conference Board of Canada

Measuring Up: Benchmarking Diversity and Inclusion in Canadian Organizations

Curious to see how your organization measures up on diversity and inclusion (D&I)? This report discusses impacts seen and felt inside business that are driving attention and investment in D&I practices.

Report | 48 pages | November 2018 | The Conference Board of Canada

Diversité et inclusion : Comparaison des indicateurs parmi les organisations canadiennes

Où se situe votre organisation en matière de diversité et d’inclusion (D et I)? Ce rapport explique comment les répercussions sur les activités tournent l’attention et les investissements vers la D et I.

Report | 54 pages | November 2018 | Le Conference Board du Canada

Employee Engagement: Driving Engagement From The Middle

The benefits of an engaged workforce are clear: increased productivity, decreased turnover, and improved business results. However, employee engagement has remained stubbornly low and relatively unchanged over the last five years. The Conference Board of Canada’s latest research suggests that middle managers are among the most important factors in employee engagement.

The degree to which employees are engaged depends greatly on the interactions with both senior organizational leadership and middle management. It is important to consider; however, how engaging middle managers can help engage their direct reports – complementing a larger employee engagement strategy. By identifying what drives manager engagement, organizations have the opportunity to improve engagement of this group and by extension, overall engagement.

Recorded Webinar | November 2018 | Colin Hall | The Conference Board of Canada

Contrary to the Hype: The Real Trends in Nontraditional Work

The hype about nontraditional workers—that this segment of the workforce is growing rapidly—is out of line with hard data. The report explores the real trends in nontraditional work and online labour platforms.

Report | 23 pages | October 2018 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Nontraditional Workers: CHRO Predictions and Talent Strategies

This report examines how organizations are leveraging nontraditional work arrangements to meet business demands as well as approaches to attracting and engaging them. It includes a survey of business executives leading initiatives around nontraditional workers.

Report | 18 pages | October 2018 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Expanding the Conversation around Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & inclusion has become a critical tool in fostering a culture of higher employee engagement, creativity, and innovation. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of how essential it is to build D&I into all aspects of an organizational strategy.

Hear insights from our 22nd Annual Diversity & Inclusion Conference, where global business leaders gathered to discuss how companies can foster greater mutual understanding among a diverse workforce that motivates all employees to contribute and perform at their best.

Recorded Webinar | October 2018 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Advancing Gender Parity: New Strategies to Develop Organizational Change Leaders

Culture change is swiftly progressing, and with it has arisen a staunch demand for organizations to seek greater gender parity. For companies behind the curve, the risks can be severe, rendering an enterprise more vulnerable to reputational, legal, and business losses.

But for businesses that answer the call for change, the benefits can be significant—allowing the organization to pull together a more diverse, engaged workforce that is continuously striving for innovation. At this year’s 14th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference, business leaders from top organizations learned solutions for growing a culture of leaders and change agents—both women and men—on gender parity.

Recorded Webinar | October 2018 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Réorganisation de l’espace de travail : transformer la façon de travailler des Canadiens

Ce rapport, deuxième de la série du Conference Board sur la transformation de la façon de travailler des Canadiens, portent sur la mobilité, le choix, la flexibilité et le nivellement.

Cette publication comprend un résumé en français, suivi d’une version anglaise du rapport intégral.

Rapport | 66 pages | October 2018 | Jane Cooper, Shannon Jackson | Le Conference Board du Canada

Reorganizing the Workspace: Transforming the Way Canadians Work

This report is the second in the series of Conference Board research on Transforming the Way Canadians Work. Four themes of workplace reorganization are discussed: mobility, choice, flexibility, and levelling.

Report | 63 pages | October 2018 | Jane Cooper, Shannon Jackson | The Conference Board of Canada

Business Contributions to the Arts: 2018 Edition

The Conference Board and Americans for the Arts jointly conducted this survey which examines trends in business support and employee engagement for the arts. The report segments aggregate data across industries and size groups.

Report | 28 pages | October 2018 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Meta-collaborative Leadership: Better Collaboration through Self-leadership

How do we design new behaviors and capabilities for ourselves for a "new normal" - where alternative mindsets, perspectives and arguments aren't only more common, they are desperately needed? How do we engage in ways that influence and inspire those we work with to collaborate better? This recorded webinar is an interactive, principles-based journey to shared context, content and method. Participants will gain access to practical, elegant, fun, powerful principles, concepts, and methods for enhancing self-leadership.

The webinar explores: You vs. Self: Self-reflection, Self-evaluation and Self-awareness as well as Self in context of others; in order to increase effectiveness in your behaviors to improve collaboration.

Recorded Webinar | October 2018 | The Conference Board of Canada

Frontline Challenges in an Era of Digital Transformation—Executive Summary

Based on the insights of more than 250 C-suite and senior level executives who attended The Future of Work: The Strategic HR Joint Council Meeting in May 2018, this report outlines the future of work and the evolutionary impact digital transformation is having, and will have, on business organizations from the perspective of HR executives.

Executive Summary | 4 pages | October 2018 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Is GDPR the Death Knell for Human Capital Analytics?

In a post-GDPR world where data privacy is a growing concern, companies must earn the trust of employees, job applicants, and contingent workers if they want to continue analyzing human capital data to generate business insights.

Key Business Issues | 27 pages | October 2018 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Thriving in the New World of Work: Developing Young People through Work Integrated Learning

Canada is on the brink of a skills revolution. Recent research forecasts significant disruption in the workforce and finds that there will be more jobs to be filled in the future. The skills required to fill these positions are changing: young people need relevant experience, stronger human skills and broader networks to help them successfully start their careers.

By 2020, Canada’s workforce will be fueled by young people. Offering early-in-career individuals meaningful experiential learning opportunities helps them transition from education to employment and kick start their career. Employers benefit from hiring early talent by building a talent pipeline and bringing fresh perspectives that fuel workplace innovation.

Recorded Webinar | September 2018 | The Conference Board of Canada

Employee Engagement: Driving Engagement From the Middle

Most Canadian employees are disengaged, despite growing awareness of the value of a highly engaged workforce. This research uses The Conference Board of Canada’s employee engagement model to explore engagement at the middle manager level.

Report | 76 pages | September 2018 | Colin Hall, Caitlin Comeau | The Conference Board of Canada

Human Capital in Review™: Voices from Asia, Vol. 2, No. 2

This issue of Human Capital in Review focuses on the latest talent trends and human capital analytics developments, as well as effective practice to engage and retain talent in Asia.

Report | 14 pages | September 2018 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Job Satisfaction 2018: A Tighter Labor Market Leads to Higher Job Satisfaction

U.S. employees reported improved job satisfaction for the seventh year in a row—particularly with job security and wages—as the labour market continues to tighten.

Report | 22 pages | September 2018 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Rethinking the Innovation Potential of Occupations: Introducing a Cross-functional Dashboard

We’ve created a new metric, the Innovation Potential of Occupations Dashboard, that helps leaders better identify the potential contribution various occupations—even those not traditionally considered “innovative”—can make to an innovative team.

Report | 16 pages | September 2018 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Tendances en matière de gestion du rendement : la rétroaction remplacera-t-elle les formulaires d’évaluation?

Ce rapport fait le point sur l’évolution de la gestion du rendement au cours des deux dernières décennies. Il mise sur des éléments à considérer au moment d’introduire des initiatives de perfectionnement professionnel et de rétroaction.  

This publication includes a French Executive Summary, followed by an English version of the full report.

Cette publication comprend un résumé en français, suivi d’une version anglaise du rapport intégral.

Rapport | 34 pages | September 2018 | Nicole Stewart, Kelsey Coburn | The Conference Board of Canada

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