Darrell Bricker

Chief Executive Officer
Ipsos Public Affairs

Darrell Bricker is Chief Executive Officer at Ipsos Public Affairs. Ipsos' Public Affairs has offices in 38 countries and a staff of 800 research professionals. It is the world's leading social and public opinion research firm. Ipsos Public Affairs is part of Paris-based Ipsos which is the 3rd largest market research company in the world.

Prior to joining Ipsos in 1990, Darrell was Director of Research in the office of Canada's Prime Minister. He was also a research consultant with firms in Ottawa and Toronto.

Darrell is a prolific author. He's written five national bestselling books, Searching for Certainty: Inside the New Canadian Mindset, What Canadians Think About Almost Everything, We Know What You're Thinking, Canuckology, and The Big Shift. In 2019, Darrell will publish his sixth book, Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline.

Darrell is a popular public speaker who regularly engages with audiences around the world. He is interviewed frequently in the media, appearing on CNN, the BBC, Bloomberg, and Al Jazeera, as well as on all of Canada's major television and radio networks. Darrell has written articles for publications as diverse as Canada's Globe and Mail and France's Le Monde.