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The Conference Board of Canada is the country’s largest private economic analysis and forecasting unit. Key services include medium- and long-term outlooks on the national, provincial/territorial, metropolitan, and industrial economies, as well as custom economic analysis and forecasting for our clients. We are here to help leaders cut through the noise and make informed decisions to build the Canada of tomorrow.

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Recent Reports

Angling, hunting, trapping, and sport shooting leaves a large economic footprint in Canada

In 2018, Canadians spent billions on fishing, hunting, trapping, and sport shooting. This spending has a ripple effect on the economy and helps a broad range of industries. It contributes to Canada’s GDP, government revenues and supports jobs.

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Mid-Sized cities outlook

Trade wars threaten Canada’s economic performance. The economy got off to a poor start in 2019 as the trade sector took a toll on economic growth. While growth bounced back in the second quarter and is expected to remain decent over...

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The economic impact of family owned enterprises in Canada

Family-owned enterprises (FOEs) are a critical component of the Canadian economy. Drawing on the latest data from Statistics Canada, family-owned enterprises account for 63.1 per cent of all private sector firms in the Canadian economy and generated 48.9 per cent of Canada’s real GDP in the private sector....

Report—29 pages

Canadian outlook economic forecast: summer 2019

Despite the slow growth, the economy is expected to post one of its strongest job gains on record this year, while tight labour markets are resulting in strong wage growth.

Report—138 pages

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Provincial outlook economic forecast: Summer 2019

Although the momentum is picking up, the Canadian economy is projected to grow by just 1.4 per cent in 2019. While the Canadian economy is showing improvement, it is a mixed performance across the provinces.

Report—160 pages

Metropolitan Outlook 2

Economic growth remained sluggish in the first quarter of 2019, with real GDP growing by a meagre 0.4 per cent at annual rates. A key area of weakness was new home construction, which...

Report—292 pages

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