Big Data for Human Resources

The Conference Board of Canada, April 9, 2014
Recorded Webinar
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This 60-minute recorded webinar features Phil Simon, noted technology expert and award-winning author of six business books. This session explores the concept of Big Data and how you can apply it as an HR professional. Simon demonstrates how Big Data can enable HR to better recognize talent, attract and retain the best workers, engage your current employees, and open up the channels of communication within your organization.

Webinar Highlights

Phil begins his presentation with a short introduction on Big Data. He outlines its characteristics and contrast it to Small Data. He then spends some time identifying the opportunities it affords organizations. Next, he presents some examples of its use, and identifies the tools needed to make this happen. And finally, he gives his recommendations on where to start with Big Data.

About Phil

photo of Phil SimonPhil Simon is a recognized technology expert. He is the award-winning author of six management books, including the forthcoming The Visual Organization: Data Visualization, Big Data, and the Quest for Better Decisions. He consults organizations on matters related to strategy, data, and technology.

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