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For almost fifty years, The Conference Board of Canada has provided senior decision makers from public and private-sector organizations with opportunities to share ideas on operations and strategies, learn about next and best practices, and explore practical business solutions to the challenges faced by Canadian business leaders.


Upcoming Conference

Business [Un]Usual: Profit from Purpose Summit

October 2-3, 2017 in Toronto ON

The world is changing fast. Business is facing new demands from rapidly evolving technologies, while social, environmental and political issues are affecting bottom-lines.

Business has a choice.

You can choose to be at the mercy of these new forces, always reacting to defend your bottom line. Or you can embrace these changes, seeing them as opportunities to deliver healthy, inclusive growth with long-term viability.

Thriving in today’s business world means having clarity of purpose, beyond profit. Businesses with this clarity know that profit is an outcome of the value they create. That’s why they focus beyond profit.
What does your business stand for? To authentically engage, your employees, customers and your community must believe in your purpose. Driving stakeholder loyalty and advocacy is vital to standing out from the crowd and succeeding in these changing times.

Hear from leaders who have purposefully and successfully embraced these changes.

Join us to learn about the forces driving change over the next few years. Look at Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability issues through a new lens. Have meaningful discussions with people in your industry about the issues and opportunities, and observe a real-life rapid innovation process, so you know how to take action.

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Sally Crane
Sr Research Assoc, Corp Responsibility, Sustainability and Stakeholder Relation