Bruce Taylor

Founder and President
Enviro-Stewards Inc.

Bruce Taylor is the Founder and President of Enviro-Stewards Inc. — a social venture that has been selected by B lab as one of the Best Companies for the World and by the UN Global Compact Network Canada for their Sustainable Development Goal award. Enviro-Stewards’ projects for Tim Hortons, Andrew Peller, Southbrook Winery, Dextran, Maple Lodge and the Campbell Company of Canada have each won Clean50 national sustainability awards.

In 2004, Enviro-Stewards founded the Safe Water Project to empower communities in South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya to construct water purification systems using locally available materials. The project was featured in a TEDx talk and received an international Energy Globe award. The locally owned and operated projects are taught business principles and sales techniques to help local residents understand that investing in safe water treatment is typically 10 times less expensive than their current expenditures on water related illnesses.