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Metropolitan Economic Trends

The Centre for Municipal Studies team performs economic research, analysis, and quarterly forecasts for Canada’s cities and towns. The team disseminates its products and services through a variety of means, including reports, webinars, presentations, and blog posts. In addition, the Centre conducts a wide range of custom research projects for private and public sector organizations in both English and in French. The Centre for Municipal Studies is comprised of six professional economists who together bring expertise in municipal economic research, forecasting and analysis.

Our Products and Services

Metropolitan Outlook

These reports provide five-year forecasts of key demographic and economic indicators for 28 Census Metropolitan Areas in Canada, including detailed analyses of employment and output trends by industry.

Mid-sized Cities Outlook

This publication offers a historical economic portrait and a two-year economic forecast for Canada’s mid-sized cities. The report includes information on demographics, the housing market, the labour market (including employment by industry, the labour force and the unemployment rate) and gross domestic product.

Metropolitan Housing Starts

The monthly Metropolitan Housing Starts publication highlights the recent trends in housing starts for 28 metropolitan areas and expectations for starts over both the short and long term. This publication comes at no charge.

Metropolitan Resale Snapshot

The monthly Metropolitan Resale Snapshot provides an overview of the existing home market and expectations for existing home price growth over the short term for 28 areas. This publication comes at no charge.

Custom Research

The Centre for Municipal Studies completes a wide range of custom research projects with public and private sector organizations every year. Examples of contract research projects include economic impact analyses, economic model development, medium and long-term forecasts, and city benchmarking.


Our webinars typically last 60 minutes and cover a wide range of topics, with many focusing on a forecast for a specific city or forecasts for a group of cities. Webinars such as these typically discuss indicators like real GDP growth, employment, the housing market, population growth, migration flows, personal income, and retail spending.

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Metropolitan Economics Team

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Pedro Antunes
Deputy Chief Economist and Executive Director

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Alan Arcand
Associate Director

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Jane McIntyre
Senior Economist

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Robin Wiebe
Senior Economist

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Constantinos Bougas

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Christopher Heschl

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Henry Diaz