Brexit, Wexit and other Recession Risks—Will Canada’s Economy Squeak By?

The Conference Board of Canada, December 11, 2019
Recorded Webinar
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This recorded webinar with the Conference Board’s Chief Economist takes a close look at the policies and geopolitical risks that are creating recession anxiety all over the world, and right here in Canada. Join Pedro to gain key insights and perspective about the many factors affecting Canada’s economy. Look ahead to 2020 and beyond and find out whether deep household debt will affect consumer spending; and how the Liberal win will affect public spending. Learn which regions of Canada will underperform/over perform next year and whether business investment will see a much-needed boost.

Webinar Highlights

This webinar provides an understanding of the economic and political forces affecting Canada’s economy.

  • What is the outlook for the Global economy next year and what are the risks of a global recession?
  • How will provincial and federal government spending plans affect Canada’s economy?
  • Are home prices headed for a soft landing—have we fixed the affordability issue?
  • Now that we’ve hit rock bottom unemployment, how will labour markets evolve?

About Pedro

Photo of Pedro AntunesAs the Conference Board’s Chief Economist, Pedro Antunes is the thought leader and spokesperson for the Conference Board’s suite of economic forecast products, as well as other reports and economic indicators that relate to Canada and its regions. Mr. Antunes has provided expert testimony before parliamentary committees. He makes numerous presentations on economic topics and dialogues with Canadian leaders, the public and media about issues important to Canada. Pedro joined the Conference Board as an economist in 1991 after working with the Canadian Forecasting Group at the Bank of Canada. Pedro has worked on a wide range of economic modelling and research projects in Canada and overseas.

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