Building on the success of the last three Resilience conferences, Resilience 2019 takes on a new format and is taking the learning to more cities across the country. This year’s event will be held in a roundtable format in Ottawa, Vancouver, Regina, and Halifax.

In an intimate setting, the Conference Board’s Resilience roundtables will bring together cutting-edge insights that will enable organizations and communities to enhance their resilience to a range of potential emergencies. From insurance and improved risk assessment to leadership, there are a range of approaches that can be taken to enhance resilience.

Resilience 2019 will bring together experts from across Canada in the areas of disaster management, emergency response and planning, urban management and planning, business continuity and resilience.

Who Should Attend?

Resilience 2019 roundtables are for you if you are:

  • accountable for crisis and emergency management and/or business continuity
  • responsible for protecting critical infrastructure
  • involved in developing standards, policies, or procedures relevant to emergency management
  • work to establish coordinated response management with other organizations

There will be a maximum of 30 people at each session which will provide you with unique learning opportunities in an intimate and confidential setting. The agendas are designed for discussion and dialogue around these important issues, with both the speakers and your peers, enhancing the interaction and opportunity for questions and learning.