Executive Networks

The Conference Board’s Executive Networks allow you to engage with senior leaders and to participate in facilitated closed-door discussions with peers from public and private sector organizations. In addition to the peer-to-peer networking, you will also benefit from the Conference Board’s unparalleled access to a broad range of expert speakers.

The Conference Board operates two security-related networks that support advances in the areas of National Security, Corporate Security, and Emergency Management.

Networking Council

The Council on Emergency Management (CEMT) is a networking council that allows you to interact regularly with leaders like yourself representing various sectors and organizations. Council members discuss the current issues and challenges, learn best practices, and take-away practical suggestions to use in their organizations.

Research Centre

Participants in our research centre get all the benefits of the networking council as well as the opportunity to contribute to shaping the research and communications activities conducted by the Centre. The Centre for National Security (CNS) is the research centre within the security-related networks.

Security-Related Networks

Council on Emergency Management

The Council on Emergency Management (CEMT) focuses on effective operational practices and key strategic issues related to emergency management and business continuity. Its goal is to help Canadian organizations strengthen their capacity to continue operations and improve their resilience to threats. CEMT provides valuable networking and learning, and leadership development opportunities for individuals responsible for emergency management and operational continuity. CEMT also enables members to broaden their understanding of risk factors and to exchange insights.

Centre for National Security

The mission of the Centre for National Security (CNS) is to improve the capacity of Canadian leaders to understand and effectively address national security challenges. As one of the Conference Board’s three security-related executive networks, CNS provides insights and knowledge into core issues at regular meetings with members who are senior leaders from all levels of government and from organizations representing Canada’s critical infrastructure. Members also gain the benefits of expert perspectives on security developments via blogs and webinars.

Cyber Security Centre

The Conference Board of Canada launched a Cyber Security Centre to examine the evolving nature of the cyber security threat landscape. While similar forums do exist, they tend to only serve the needs of a specific industry, which means they are not able to capitalize on the learnings that happen in a multi-sector, non-partisan, public/private forum. Cyber security is also increasingly becoming a strategic topic discussed at board and senior management levels and there is a lack of independent multi-sector forums that cover this discussion. The Cyber Security Centre will operate at a strategic, rather than a technical level, to meet the needs of today’s senior executives across sector and industry boundaries.

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Contact Us

For more information on how you can participate in one of our security-related initiatives, or to request a guest invitation to a network meeting, contact:

Deborah Fleck
Senior Manager, Executive Networks
Email imagefleck@conferenceboard.ca