Diversity in the Boardroom: The Long Road Ahead

The Conference Board of Canada, March 9, 2017
Recorded Webinar
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The Canadian Board Diversity Council's Annual Report Card provides a snapshot of corporate board diversity in Canada. This project, initially started in 2010, provides historical views and measures the pace of change for diversity on FP500 boards.

Join the Conference Board’s lead researcher for the Annual Report Card, Amanda Daoust, for this 30-minute webinar as she provides a deep-dive into the latest results from the 2016 Annual Report Card.

Webinar Highlights

Though we have seen some progress in the number of women and diverse board members, the pace of change is not fast enough. Recommendations around good practices for greater board diversity and inclusion will be provided for corporate directors and the executives that work with them.

About Amanda

Amanda DaoustAmanda Daoust, Lead Researcher for the Canadian Board Diversity Council’s Annual Report Card

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