Understanding Cyber and Physical Security Convergence

The Conference Board of Canada, June 7, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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This recorded webinar presents work recently undertaken by The Conference Board of Canada's National Security team, which addresses the challenge of merging physical and cyber security departments within a company, discusses the insights from a literature review, and provides some recommendations on the issue.

Webinar Highlights

The increasing threat of an attack that compromises an organization’s physical operations in tandem with its computer network is an emerging issue. Converging physical and cyber security areas within the organization can better position companies to address the evolving threat landscape. Companies must aim to eliminate ineffective and disjointed teams, close the security gap to better protect assets, and design an organizational structure that aligns with company culture. However, questions remain about how to structure teams, close the gaps with existing processes, and share information seamlessly. Before making these decisions, companies must understand the concept of convergence, the potential reasons for converging security departments, and the issues that may arise from convergence.

About Rachael

Rachael BrysonRachael Bryson is a Senior Research Associate with the National Security and Public Safety with the Conference Board of Canada. Her areas of research include national security, cyber security, and emergency management. Rachael is also a PhD candidate at Carleton University, where her doctoral research examines civil-military relations.

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