The International Forum on the Creative Economy

The Conference Board of Canada, May 23, 2008
Conference Recordings
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The International Forum on the Creative Economy brought together approximately 200 national and international thinkers, leading economists and business leaders to discuss evidence on the current and future economic forces and trends impacting the innovation, creative, and knowledge-based economies.

Conference Recordings Agenda

Opening Remarks
Jean-Pierre Blais
Department of Canadian Heritage

Canada and the World

Valuing Culture: Measuring and Understanding Canada's Creative Economy

Michael Bloom
The Conference Board of Canada

Glen Hodgson
The Conference Board of Canada

Measuring Arts and Culture as an Economic and Social Engine of a Country’s Wealth—An International Perspective
David Throsby
Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)

Workshop Presentations: Measurement of Culture

A Cross-Sector Comparative Socio-Economic Description and Analysis of the Cultural Industries
Jean Matuszewski
E&B Data

La statistique au service du système culturel québécois
Dominique Jutras
Observatoire de la culture et des communications du Québec

Embedded Creatives—The Extent and Contribution of Creative Professionals Working throughout the Economy
Peter Higgs
Queensland University of Technology

Une politique de « creativité » pour la culture: objectifs, conditions, et paradoxes statistiques
Philippe Chantepie
Ministère de la culture (France)

Workshop Presentations: Geography of Culture

The Creative Suburb?
Christopher Gibbon
BOP Consulting

Le développement socio-économique de Montréal: La cité créative et la carrière artistique comme facteurs d’attraction?
Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay
Télé-université, UQAM

Economic Restructuring Through Culture in Small Towns and Rural Areas: Building Creative Rural Economies

Greg Baeker

Dan Taylor
Prince Edward County

Workshop Presentations: Innovative Practices and Collaborations

Enabling Collaboration in the Cultural + Creative Sector
Reid Henry

Des exemples de conditions économiques qui favorisent la production théâtrale dans le context de la minorité francophone canadienne
Mariette Théberge
University of Ottawa

Audio and video not available. Research paper only
Wiboon Kittilakswanawong
Chinese Cultural University

Daniel Schwanen
Centre for International Governance Innovation

Workshop Presentations: Drivers of the Creative Economy

The New Artistic Labour Force—Artists and the Creative Economy

Kelly Wilhelm
Canada Council for the Arts

Claude Schryer
Canada Council for the Arts

Sustainable Livelihood Systems: A Framework for Understanding the Economic Role of Artists in the Creative Economy
Judi Piggott
BC Cultural Sector Development Council

Bench Marking and Understanding London’s Creative Industries
Alan Freeman
Greater London Authority

Workshop Presentations: Innovative Practices

Innovation in the Creative and Knowledge Industries—Not an Open or Closed Case
Gale Moore
University of Toronto

“Seeding the Lead”: A New Model for Innovation, Commercialization, and Technology Transfer within the Arts

David Goodwin
University of Waterloo

Jill Tomasson Goodwin
University of Waterloo

Ken Coates
University of Waterloo

Cross-Platform Convergence in the Screen-Based Industries: The Impact of the Creative Economy in Canada and the UK

Stuart Jack

Peter Lyman


Creative Economy in Transition: Arts and Culture in Domestic and Global Markets

Charles Davis
Ryerson University

Aine O'Keeffe
The Work Foundation

Will Page
MCPS-PRS Alliance

Audio and video not available. Research paper only
Brigitte Vézina
World Intellectual Property Organization

Catherine Murray
Simon Fraser University


Innovation and Research: Mobilizing New Practices

David Wolfe
University of Toronto

Richard Cavanagh
CONNECTUS Consulting Inc.

David Keeble
Keeble Consulting

Nigel Beaham-Powell
Bath Spa University

Workshop Presentations: Intellectual Property and Copyright

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: How have policymakers dealt with the growing complexity of the Intellectual Property debate and the issue of On-Line Piracy?
David Torstensson
Stockholm Network

Creative Content and the Illusive Copyright Balance
Giuseppina D’Agostino
York University

Pop and Policy: Music Fast Forward
Olivier Plessis
McGill University

Bridging the Innovation Gap: Promoting and Protecting Intellectual Property Rights
Aaron Sawchuk
Canadian Recording Industry Association

Workshop Presentations: Geography of Culture

Strong Attractors and Lily Pads: How Putting Numbers to the Drift of Creative Talent in the Creative Economy through the Concentration Effect can Reveal the Impact of Local Factors
Peter Higgs
Queensland University of Technology

Creative Economies and Diverse Places: an Analysis of Creative Hubs in Canada
Gregory Spencer
University of Toronto

Mapping Creative Industries in South Africa: Regional Results, Experiences and Expectations

Avril Joffe
CAJ-Culture, Arts and Jobs

Monica Newton
University of the Witwatersrand

Workshop Presentations: Consumption Practices

Comprendre la consummation de la culture au Canada
Jacques Ewoudou
Statistics Canada

Cultural Consumption and the Broadband Revolution: Canada and Australia

Charles Zamaria
Ryerson University

Fred Fletcher
York University

How Advertising and Peer-to-Peer are Transforming Digital Media and Copyright
Michael Einhorn
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Workshop Presentations: Emerging Production Practices

Labour Tax Credits, Regional Competition and Independent Film and TV Production: Implications for Cultural Workers and Organized Labour
Amanda Coles
McMaster University

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Making Fiscal Film Policy in Britain
Maggie Magor
University of Glasgow

“Runaway Production” in Canada: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Foreign Location Shooting
Janice Kaye
Ryerson University


Consumption Dynamics: Consumers Driving Change

Colin Jackson
EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts

Max Valiquette
Youthography Inc.

Will Page
MCPS-PRS Alliance

Closing Remarks
Jean-Pierre Blais
Department of Canadian Heritage

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