A Snapshot of Leadership Development Practices in Canada

The Conference Board of Canada, 48 pages, May 26, 2014
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CEOs are turning inward and developing their internal capacity. This report discusses why this is critical for coping with ever-changing business environments and dealing with increasing talent and skills shortages.

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Large-scale trends, including globalization, changing demographics, increasingly diverse workforces, and fast-paced technological innovation, have been transforming workplaces at an unprecedented pace. Leaders are being called upon to work “lean and efficient” while also enhancing innovation, collaboration, and partnerships to remain competitive. At a time when many of the current senior leaders in Canada are nearing retirement, the nature of leadership is changing and the need for leadership development has never been more important.

A Snapshot of Leadership Development Practices in Canada reports the results from a recent Conference Board of Canada survey. They provide a snapshot of leadership development priorities and practices, and identify best-in-class opportunities, gaps, and specific areas for further investigation. The results are also supplemented by interviews with five Canadian organizations that are making a best-in-class impact with their leadership development programs.

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