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The Council meetings program is designed to stimulate new thinking, fresh perspectives and practical exchange on strategic issues facing members. The meetings, which last roughly two days, combine first-hand examination of existing initiatives, best practice across sectors, and focused discussion on specific issues members are dealing with back in their own institutions. Many universities ensure that their representatives include a number of vice presidents, e.g. academic, research, administration and student affairs.

The program offers:

  • Three meetings annually for vice-presidents, including one “study tour” to noteworthy organizations outside Canada. These meetings offer a unique forum for examining cross-cutting strategic issues from administrative, academic and research perspectives.
  • Custom research as requested

Recent meeting themes and topics include:

  • The future of the university, e.g. demographics, technology, interdisciplinary, competition
  • Enhancing the student experience
  • Internationalization
  • Quality, measurement and accountability
  • Sustainability

Upcoming Meetings

International Meeting
May 24-30, 2020
London, England and Lisbon, Portugal

  • Registration 
  • Agenda

Are you interested in attending one of these events? Contact Deborah Pratt at for more details.

Meetings and Site Visits

Once a year, members of the Council of University Executives travel outside of Canada to gain fresh perspectives on issues facing higher education and more specifically their own institutions.

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Director, Education and Skills
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