Canada’s Energy Future: An Integrated Path

The Conference Board of Canada, 60 pages, May 31, 2007
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Facing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, Canada requires a new integrated vision and strategies to set our energy future. This report discusses a wide range of possible choices.

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With a growing focus on the environmental footprint and emissions resulting from energy production and consumption, Canada needs to update its current markets-based and reactive energy vision. Canada’s Energy Future: An Integrated Path argues for an energy vision that integrates the social, economic, environmental, and energy goals shared by Canadians—one that enhances our position on the world energy stage. It proposes that the federal government take the lead in developing, communicating, and implementing the vision. It also suggests a clear statement of energy principles, integrating energy and emissions on a sustainable and prosperous path.

In addition, the report looks at the need for energy strategies, policies, and regulatory processes. It identifies 10 areas where strategies will be required to implement the overall vision, suggests eight key policy areas for action, and identifies seven recommendations for improvement in energy regulation.

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