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Mental Health in the Capital

Conference: Mar 31, 2021  |  Ottawa

Canadian Immigration Summit 2021

Summit:May 26–27, 2021  |  Ottawa

Latest Research

Index of consumer confidence: June 2020

Consumer confidence is improving across Canada as the economy reopens.

Online epxerience • 3-min read
Focus Area—Canadian Economics

Saving for the future

As Canada’s baby-boomer generation migrates out of the labour force, a significant share of retirees will see their standard of living decline dramatically.

Online experience • 4-min read
Focus Area—Canadian Economics

Inclusive growth is more than jobs and GDP

In a world shaken by the pandemic crisis and social inequality, many voices are now calling for measures to build a more inclusive society and economy. In Canada’s North, Inuit have been developing their own vision of inclusive growth, one where they share the same quality of life as all Canadians.

Op-ed • 4-min read
Focus Area—Indigenous & Northern Communities

Metropolitan housing

There are only three census metropolitan areas (CMAs) with both positive short- and long-term expectations, two fewer than last month.

Online experience • 3-min read
Focus Area—Canadian Economics