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The monthly Index of consumer confidence is constructed from responses to four attitudinal questions posed to a random sample of Canadian households.
The Conference Board of Canada | Website | May 2020 | by Anna Feng
This bi-monthly publication from the Canadian Tourism Research Institute features articles that outline key trends for the travel industry.
The Conference Board of Canada | 9 pages | May 2020 | by The Canadian Tourism Research Institute
The Conference Board Gulf Center for Economic and Business Research was established in Kuwait on October 2018, and this is its first Gulf edition of the C-Suite Challenge™ report...
The Conference Board, Inc. | 38 pages | May 2020
An assessment of the impacts and recovery prospects for China after the COVID-19 crisis
The Conference Board, Inc. | 20 pages | May 2020
Monthly economics series report
The Conference Board, Inc. | 15 pages | May 2020
The monthly Metropolitan housing starts publication provides the recent trends in housing starts for 29 metropolitan areas and expectations for starts over both the short and long...
The Conference Board of Canada | Website | May 2020 | by Jane McIntyre
This special report focuses on how the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the economic picture for Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa–Gatineau, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Regina,...
The Conference Board of Canada | Website | May 2020
Member businesses in China are driven, in general, by one or more of three key economic factors: investment, consumption and trade. Our monthly China Economy Watch analysis...
The Conference Board, Inc. | 7 pages | May 2020
AI is poised to help compensation and benefits professionals alleviate their number one challenge: aligning total rewards strategies to business and talent strategies.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 13 pages | May 2020
Monthly Economic Series Report
The Conference Board, Inc. | 15 pages | May 2020
A large portion of the European economy is in lockdown. In all scenarios the European economy will take a strong hit in 2020. We expect growth in 2020 to be between –6.8 and –7.8 percent...
The Conference Board, Inc. | 8 pages | May 2020
While new COVID-19 cases appear to have peaked in the US, strict social distancing policies continue to cripple the economy. We envision four possible scenarios for the US economy...
The Conference Board, Inc. | 9 pages | May 2020
Sustainability is an opportunity to innovate and can help companies realize economic benefits in an uncertain economic and commercial environment.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 23 pages | May 2020
This quarterly survey poses ten qualitative questions regarding the business climate and investment intentions to senior officers of approximately 1,500 Canadian business...
The Conference Board of Canada | Website | April 2020 | by Robyn Gibbard
Canadians are not acquiring enough of the social and emotional skills they need to succeed in the workplace. We need access to more opportunities for them to do so throughout their...
The Conference Board of Canada | | April 2020 | by Maria Giammarco, Stephen Higham, Matthew McKean
Les Canadiens n’acquièrent pas les compétences sociales et émotionnelles indispensables à leur réussite professionnelle. Ils doivent disposer d’un meilleur accès à plus d’occasions...
Le Conference Board du Canada | | April 2020 | by Maria Giammarco, Stephen Higham, Matthew McKean
This briefing was written to shed light on the impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains. It explores the challenges businesses are facing and the emerging opportunities to be...
The Conference Board of Canada | 19 pages | April 2020 | by Julie Adès, Elise Nelson
Two things are vital to the Canadian energy sector’s survival in the sustainable finance marketplace: effective disclosure, and high-integrity data. This briefing looks at how...
The Conference Board of Canada | 15 pages | April 2020
There is almost universal consensus on what is required to support a more sustainable northern economy—infrastructure. There is considerable disagreement, however, about how to...
The Conference Board of Canada | Recorded Webinar | April 2020
This quarterly survey reflects the opinions of Canada's top forecasting organizations and their outlook for the Canadian economy.
The Conference Board of Canada | Website | April 2020 | by Kip Beckman