Navigating the Shoals: Assessing Water Governance and Management in Canada

The Conference Board of Canada, 28 pages, April 19, 2007
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Water is essential for supporting life, economic development and robust aquatic systems. This briefing reveals significant challenges faced by water managers, and provides six recommendations for improving Canadian water governance and management practices.

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Under the guidance of the Leaders Forum on Water Resource Management and Governance, the Conference Board conducted case study research on five watersheds. The focus was to look at some of Canada’s water governance and management institutions to determine whether they are adequately equipped to meet the multitude of challenges they face both today and in the near future. The research uncovered policies, partnerships, structures and approaches that are working well—and others that are working poorly. This briefing outlines some of the challenges involved in water resource management and concludes that changes are required if water managers are to successfully navigate the shoals ahead. Citing examples from the five watersheds studied, the document presents six specific recommendations for improving water governance and management in Canada.

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