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Like other knowledge-based organizations, The Conference Board of Canada has shifted to a remote workforce. Through outstanding collaboration and a true focus on our customers, we’re proud to say we have embraced this transition. As a remote-based organization, we’ll no longer require a permanent office location. We will therefore be selling our building at 255 Smyth Road in Ottawa.

This change is exciting. It will continue to position us as a beacon for Canada’s brightest minds and as the country’s leading independent applied research organization.

Latest Research

A Rising Tide: The Economic Impact of B.C.’s Liquified Natural Gas Industry

British Columbia is becoming the focal point of a new Canadian industry—liquefied natural gas. It will generate investment, growth, employment, taxes, and royalties for B.C., provinces and territories, and the federal government for decades to come.

Issue briefing  |  5-min read
Focus Area—Canadian Economics

Keeping it cool: Data use and our warming planet

Historically, the GHG emission impacts of rising internet use have been offset by rising efficiency and use of renewable energy. However, the pandemic-induced spike risks increasing the carbon footprint of data flows.

Blog  |  3-min read
Focus Area—Sustainability

Inflation bounced back as economy reopens

Businesses operating under costly COVID-19 restrictions could push up consumer prices near-term, despite the weak state of the economy.

Quick take  |  2-min read
Focus Area—Canadian Economics

Critical role of Canada’s digital infrastructure in a post-pandemic world

So far, Canada has struck the right balance of private and public investments in digital infrastructure, putting us in an enviable position.

Commentary  |  3-min read
Focus Area—Innovation & Technology