Summer 2017 Travel Intentions: Will Canadians Celebrate 150 at Home?

The Conference Board of Canada, May 25, 2017
Recorded Webinar by The Canadian Tourism Research Institute
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As U.S. President Donald Trump approaches the mid-point of his inaugural year in office, Canadians are ramping up to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. How will these disparate factors impact travel and tourism in the summer of 2017? Amidst some lacklustre performance of late, what can be expected for tourism in 2017? Is tourism poised to benefit from recent economic and demographic changes?

Each year, the Canadian Tourism Research Institute (CTRI) conducts a seasonal Canadian Travel Intentions survey. The results of this survey are critical for destination marketing organizations, travel agents, tour operators, transportation companies, and government officials looking for a reliable outlook for the summer travel season. CTRI holds more than two decades of travel intentions survey data, allowing for historical comparison to be analyzed and future trends to be identified.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the results of the latest survey, conducted in April 2017. In addition to providing insights on both outbound and inbound/domestic activity, this webinar will include analysis on whether the Trump presidency is impacting travel intentions and how Canada’s sesquicentennial celebrations will boost tourism this summer.

Webinar Highlights

In this webinar, Greg Hermus and Jennifer Hendry will discuss the latest results of the seasonal travel intentions survey, conducted in April 2017. In addition to trip intentions and traveler characteristics, the presentation will also touch on:

  • past performance by region;
  • trip motivations;
  • trip planning techniques;
  • decision factors and booking timelines;
  • use of travel agents and other tourism suppliers;
  • insurance coverage;
  • the sharing economy;

About Greg

Photo of Greg HermusAs Associate Director of the Canadian Tourism Research Institute (CTRI), Greg Hermus is responsible for The Conference Board of Canada’s travel forecasts and economic impact analysis. He also leads CTRI’s work in monitoring the state of the Canadian tourism sector for various government tourism departments as well as many private businesses. Greg joined The Conference Board of Canada in 1989 and is well known in the tourism community for his ability to develop tourism related economic models and remains active by participating in many industry working groups.

About Jennifer

Photo of Jennifer HendryAs Senior Research Associate at the Canadian Tourism Research Institute, Jennifer Hendry is responsible for the production of regular reports on Canadian outbound leisure travel. She conducts regular surveys of Canadians and their outbound travel intentions and motivations, and is also responsible for producing an annual five-year outbound travel forecast to more than 50 destinations. Jennifer has degrees in Tourism Management, Research Analysis, and Communications. She has spent her career conducting policy analysis, analyzing travel research, and assessing the sector’s contribution to individual destinations and national economies, including its relation to labour force dynamics.

About the Canadian Tourism Research Institute

The Canadian Tourism Research Institute serves the travel and tourism industry by providing sound insights, foresights, and models. With timely and insightful interpretation of data, subscribers are kept up-to-date on what’s hot and what’s not.

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