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While most think tanks depend on patrons, government subsidies, or endowments, The Conference Board of Canada’s operating model relies on a broad, diverse client base to support our research and initiatives. In our last fiscal year, we conducted over 9,400 transactions with total funding for research and education amounting to $33.7 million.

We are committed to transparency:

  • We report our financial statements annually to our Board of Directors and post a copy of our annual report, which also incorporates results from The Niagara Institute (a fully owned subsidiary focused on training and development), on our website.
  • While we operate under the name The Conference Board of Canada, we file our financial information with the Canada Revenue Agency as AERIC Inc., our legal name.
  • Funders and sponsors of specific initiatives, conferences, and reports are acknowledged in all associated materials and collateral, including reports, web pages, and media releases.

As an evidence-based, non-ideological applied research organization, we retain editorial control and independence for our research findings and conclusions. We do not lobby or advocate for specific interests.

Funding Sources, June 1, 2016–May 31, 2017
(per cent)

51 42 6 1 Private Public Sponsorship Other

Source: The Conference Board of Canada.