Workforce Planning in the Public Sector: Using Real -Time Data to Increase Flexibility

The Conference Board of Canada, March 23, 2016
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The world of work is changing at a rapid pace, and public sector organizations are not excluded. Growing organizational complexity and an increasing need for speed mean that timely workforce information and analytics are becoming essential tools for doing business in the public sector. Leaders know that effectively managed capacity, capability, and composition of their workforce are critical to maintaining a quality and affordable public service. Meanwhile, external pressures such as economic uncertainty, resource constraints, and ever-increasing service demands create internal pressures driving the need for structure, process, and technology change. The pressure is on corporate support services like HR, finance, and IT to provide more sophisticated workforce intelligence through analytics. Is your department ready?

Read the corresponding report entitled Leveraging Today’s Technology: Connecting Operations to Corporate Workforce Planning in the Public Sector

Webinar Highlights

Join Shannon Jackson, Associate Director of Leadership and Human Resources Research at the Conference Board, as she shares the insights and findings from our recent exploratory research. Shannon will be joined by Laura Ford and Linda Gigliotti from Regional Municipalities of Niagara who will share a practical case study that will put the theory into organizational context. Laura and Linda will share how the HR team identified absenteeism as a significant issue in their organization that was impacting labour costs and services to clients. Hear how the team lead used time and attendance data in workforce analytics to build the business case for action. You'll find out how this initiative brought together operational, finance, IT and union leaders to improve their internal programs that has benefited both the organization and the employees.

During this 60-minute session, you will:

  • learn about the challenges public sector organizations are facing and why traditional decision supports are restricting some business leaders when making workforce decisions required to transform operations
  • hear how the 'decision science' framework can help connect operational and strategic decisions
  • learn what type of workforce information operational leaders need as compared to executives, and the roadblocks leaders face to getting it
  • hear the benefits realized by some organizations that are leveraging automated workforce data and how leveraging technology is bridging the gap between corporate workforce planning and operational execution
  • hear the lessons learned from organizations in the research that may help your organization progress

About Shannon

Shannon Jackson is an Associate Director with the Leadership and Human Resources Research Division of The Conference Board of Canada. Shannon specializes in human resources strategy and effectiveness, business transformation, talent management, workforce planning and analytics. Since joining the Board in 2015, Shannon has been actively involved in research and advisory services in these areas.

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