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A survey of U.S. and European organizations shows that development of an e-procurement program is proving more complex, more expensive and more time consuming than originally envisaged.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 45 pages | June 2001 | by Diane Palframan
This report shows how an increase in Quebec retailers’ online market share could boost the Quebec economy; such an increase could come by attracting back to Quebec some of the...
The Conference Board of Canada | 4 pages | December 2015 | by Jean-Guy Côté, Robert Gagné, Mia Homsy, Sonny Scarfone
OntarioLearn employs a model that balances educational flexibility, efficient delivery, and accessibility of courses by fostering collaboration and cooperation among Ontario’s...
The Conference Board of Canada | 20 pages | March 2016 | by Mark Robbins
E-learning will be a key to productivity, competitiveness and prosperity by improving Canada’s skills, innovation and knowledge base.
The Conference Board of Canada | 49 pages | September 2001 | by Michael Bloom, Debbie Murray
Brief reports, produced weekly by the Conference Board, Inc., that address the most pressing business issues of the day.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 6 pages | August 2003
A company profile from the 2015 report Driving Revenue Growth through Sustainable Products and Services.
The Conference Board, Inc. | 4 pages | July 2015 | by Thomas Singer
In April 2001, The Conference Board of Canada, with funding from Human Resources Development Canada's Office of Learning Technologies, launched the Learning Technologies in the...
The Conference Board of Canada | 6 pages | October 2001 | by Debbie Murray
A case study of the benefits of the Canadian Trucking Human Resource Council's Earning Your Wheels program, including its Keys to Success and its potential use as a model.
The Conference Board of Canada | 12 pages | November 2005 | by Douglas Watt
Despite government efforts to dispel misinformation, a lot of uncertainty remains in the public domain about the dangers posed by Ebola. The Conference Board of Canada has organized...
The Conference Board of Canada | Recorded Webinar | November 2014
This 60-minute live webinar with David K. Hurst will show how nature and ecological processes supply a helpful model for understanding innovation (or its absence) in organizations...
The Conference Board of Canada | Recorded Webinar | June 2015
This report examines the economic and employment impacts of climate-related technology investments in Canada. Analysis is based on anticipated government investments and matching...
The Conference Board of Canada | 43 pages | May 2010
Solving the problem of inadequate literacy skills requires concerted action from business, educators, communities, individuals, and government. This study helps raise awareness...
The Conference Board of Canada | 24 pages | September 2007 | by Michael Bloom, Marie Burrows, Brenda Lafleur, Robert Squires
This briefing estimates the future economic burden of pneumonia in Canada up to 2025 for the population aged 65 and over.
The Conference Board of Canada | 26 pages | April 2017 | by Alexandru Dobrescu
This report explores the economic impacts, as well as the wider social and fiscal impacts, of increased and reduced spending on Ontario’s public education.
The Conference Board of Canada | 30 pages | June 2019 | by Aimee McArthur-Gupta
This report summarizes the research methods and results of assessing the economic impact of the life sciences sector in Nova Scotia.
The Conference Board of Canada | 32 pages | February 2005 | by Pedro Antunes
The report analyzes the impact of the Quebec government's economic intervention from 2003 to 2017, including the current budget cuts. It concludes that, at this time, postponing...
The Conference Board of Canada | 5 pages | June 2015 | by Mia Homsy, Sonny Scarfone
Recognizing the valuable role that Canada’s mid-sized cities play as regional hubs and economic engines in their respective areas, this excerpt from The Conference Board of Canada’s...
The Conference Board of Canada | 6 pages | May 2013 | by Alan Arcand, Mario Lefebvre, Jane McIntyre, Greg Sutherland, Robin Wiebe
Which pension plans in Canada are considered optimal? This study reveals that British Columbia’s public sector pension plans result in higher contributions to retirement savings...
The Conference Board of Canada | 48 pages | October 2013 | by Erin Butler, Michael Grant, Matthew Stewart
This report quantifies the economic impacts of building six Arctic offshore patrol ships and includes impacts associated with the modernization of Irving Shipbuilding’s Halifax...
The Conference Board of Canada | 8 pages | January 2018
Using data provided by the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure for the 2006–14 period, this briefing updates an earlier study to assess the contribution of Ontario’s infrastructure...
The Conference Board of Canada | 12 pages | April 2013 | by Pedro Antunes, Jacqueline Palladini
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