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Benefits of Early Childhood Education in Canada

Expanding early childhood education (ECE) and care in Canada would provide sizable benefits, such as improving children’s academic outcomes and future wages, reducing income inequality, and bringing many families out of poverty. Yet, despite the benefits of extended access, Canada lags its international peers. New research finds that every $1 spent on expanding ECE enrolment of children under 5 years of age to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s average of 70 per cent would yield close to $6 in economic benefits.


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What Salary Increases Can Canadians Expect Next Year?

While the Canadian economy is firing on all cylinders this year, growth projections for next year and beyond show a slowdown of the economy. As a result, business leaders continue to exercise caution, keeping a cap on organizational spending and, by extension, salary increases. For the seventh year in a row, Canadian organizations are planning moderate base salary increases, with the average pay increase for non-unionized employees projected to be 2.4 per cent.

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The Cost of Tobacco Use in Canada

Tobacco use is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths and illnesses worldwide and, while much progress has been made to control it in Canada, millions of Canadians continue to smoke. In 2012, tobacco use cost the Canadian economy $16.2 billion in direct and indirect expenses such as health care, fire damage, tobacco control and law enforcement activities, and lost productivity. Over the same period, approximately 45,500 deaths were attributable to smoking. This translates to about 125 deaths each day in Canada—more than the total number of deaths due to car collisions, accidental injuries, and assaults.

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Improving Immigrant Integration in Canada

Immigration makes an immense contribution to Canada’s economy, but the employment barriers that newcomers experience are preventing Canada from fully reaping the economic benefits. Canada needs to improve the job outcomes of immigrants to realize the value of higher immigration levels. Conversations on Canada’s future immigration levels should go beyond the numbers to include how Canada can better integrate immigrants into the labour market.

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Calgary and Edmonton Sweep Top Spots in Economic Growth in 2017

Calgary and Edmonton are forecast to be the fastest-growing census metropolitan areas (CMAs) in Canada this year, with growth of 4.6 and 3.9 per cent, respectively. Both cities are benefiting from higher oil prices and increased investment and drilling plans. Outside of Alberta, Toronto is expected to boast the fastest-growing metropolitan economy this year and is forecast to be a growth leader again in 2018. Meanwhile, former leader Vancouver will see its economy cool considerably over the next two years.

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The Leadership Development Program

The longest-running program of its kind in the world, the Leadership Development Program (LDP) develops the skills that are critical to the success of mid- to senior-level leaders. This intensive five-day program builds a solid foundation of self-awareness through 360-degree assessments and self-assessments, and strengthens skills and understanding through tools, strategies, and highly engaging activities. Leaders also work one-on-one with a coach during and after the program to support learning sustainment and application of their new skills. Over 2,500 leaders attend the LDP globally each year, and it has earned a reputation for being “a life-changing experience.”

CBoC Highlights

Bryan Benjamin
Jacqueline Palladini and Chrystia Freeland
Bryan Benjamin has joined The Conference Board of Canada’s executive team as Vice-President, Organizational Performance, bringing extensive experience in leadership, talent development, and workforce transformation. Principal Economist Jacqueline Palladini participated in a roundtable discussion on intellectual property with the Hon. Chrystia Freeland in advance of the fourth round of NAFTA negotiations on October 6, 2017, in Toronto.
Louis Thériault speaking Craig Alexander speakiung
Louis Thériault presented research on the cost of a cleaner future to the Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources. Craig Alexander joined CBC’s “On the Money” to discuss how expanding early childhood education and care in Canada yields significant economic and societal benefits.

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  • Benefits of Early Childhood Education in Canada
  • What Salary Increases Can Canadians Expect Next Year?
  • The Cost of Tobacco Use in Canada
  • Improving Immigrant Integration in Canada
  • Calgary and Edmonton Sweep Top Spots in Economic Growth in 2017
  • The Leadership Development Program

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