Susan Côté-Freeman

Hillary Byck

Director, Governance Integration

Hillary Byck is Director, Governance Integration at Manulife. Hillary is a passionate risk and control professional with over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry.

She started her career in accounting at KPMG where she audited financial statements and worked on consulting engagements for global financial services companies. In search of deeper industry experience, Hillary chose to work in Audit Services at Manulife where she gained a broad level understanding of the organization and discovered a new passion for risk. Seeking an opportunity to develop her risk expertise, she moved to Global Operational Risk where she led the development of the Incident and Risk and Control Assessment programs. Seeing the benefits of integrating those programs with other governance activities in a single platform, Archer, Hillary discovered a new opportunity. In November 2017, Hillary started in a new role in the organization focused on building an integrated approach that allows Audit, Risk and Compliance to work more efficiently together so that the business can spend more time delighting customers.