Supporting All Learners through Inclusive Post-Secondary Education

The Conference Board of Canada, December 14, 2017
Recorded Webinar
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Adult learners with significant learning challenges, cognitive and developmental disabilities, and acquired brain injuries have more support than ever before to help them obtain a post-secondary education (PSE) credential. Thanks to specialized inclusive education programs offered by Canadian colleges and universities, these learners can gain academic, employment, and personal supports to help them achieve their goals. Once largely excluded from PSE and employment, these individuals are benefiting from programs that including curriculum modifications, tailored learning services, and supported community work placements.

Join us in examining what inclusive education means for Canadian PSE. We will discuss how inclusive PSE programs are designed and delivered, what goes into operating a successful inclusive education program, and what the benefits are for learners, communities, employers, and PSE.

Webinar Highlights

In this 60-minute session, they will discuss:

  • How inclusive PSE programs measure and realize success;
  • Examples of unique inclusive programs that benefit students and local communities;
  • Lessons from inclusive PSE programs for improving access to PSE and employment for all Canadians.

About Elizabeth

Photo of Liz Martin Liz Martin (facilitator) is a Research Associate in the Education and Strategic Initiatives group at The Conference Board of Canada. Her research focuses on skills and post-secondary education, linkages between PSE and secondary education, and accessibility in post-secondary education. She is a graduate of Carleton University (MA) and the University of Alberta (BA).

About Jeff

Photo of Jeff Prasad Jeff Prasad is Chair and an instructor for Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s (KPU) Access Program for People with Disabilities (APPD). APPD offers ten-month employment programs for adults with a permanent disability or a combination of learning difficulties that hinder scholastic success. Jeff holds a Master’s degree focused in Special Education and Teaching from Ball State University.

About Bruce

Photo of Bruce Uditsky Bruce Uditsky, Chief Executive Officer, Inclus at Inclusion Alberta. He also teaches, writes, and consults about community inclusion and social justice. Bruce was a co-developer of the CRDS Summer Institute on Inclusive Education and he co-founded Inclusion Alberta’s Rotary Employment Partnerships and inclusive post-secondary education. Bruce helped to develop Alberta’s education standards on the placement of students with disabilities, and he provided advice to government on the development of the Family Support for Children with Disabilities Legislation as a member of the Minister’s Expert Advisory Committee.

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