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Saskatchewan Institute

About the Saskatchewan Institute

The Saskatchewan Institute was a major initiative of The Conference Board of Canada between 2012 and 2017, that focused on issues relevant to Saskatchewan that also realized impacts to policy and society throughout Canada. It brought together the Conference Board’s full range of expertise in economic analysis and forecasting, public policy research, and organizational performance to address themes of leadership, governance, innovation, competitiveness, and more.

The Institute worked with numerous partners in Saskatchewan to produce research that will help public and private sector leaders sharpen their vision for Saskatchewan's future and find solutions to the challenges they need to address. The Conference Board is appreciative of the support through the life of the Institute. 

Saskatchewan is ideally positioned for strong economic growth and long-term prosperity, and the Conference Board will continue to support initiatives in Saskatchewan through its other lines of business and to assist:

  • government leaders develop the proper public policy framework;
  • business leaders help achieve efficient transformations in the economy;
  • all stakeholders work collaboratively to attract and develop new talent; and
  • community leaders engage in forward planning.

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