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CCIO meetings provide an informal, confidential venue for members to discuss issues and challenges that currently affect their daily lives and to stay on top of changes that are on the horizon.

Next executive sessions

February 5–6, 2020 in Toronto, Ontario
Theme: Delivering Secure IT Through Organizational Change

May 2020 in Calgary, Alberta
Theme: Building Resilience for the IT Enterprise

Are you interested in attending this event as a guest? Contact Deborah Fleck at for more details.

Past Executive Sessions

  • September 2019: Optimizing Data Analytics and Governance for Organizational Excellence (Ottawa, ON)
  • June 2019: Leveraging the Power of IT Transformation and Digital Technologies (Saint John, NB)
  • February 2019: Managing the Human Side of the Changing IT landscape (Victoria, BC)
  • October 2018: Resiliency in the Face of Cyber Security (Ottawa, ON)
  • April 2018: Emerging Technologies and Strategies (Toronto, ON)
  • February 2018: Emerging Technologies and Impact on Business (Palo Alto, California)
  • October 2017: Operational Excellence in the Time of Agility (Montreal, QC) 


Recent Meeting Themes and Topics

  • Strategy
  • Emerging Technologies
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Innovation
  • Business Enterprise Architecture
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Identity
  • Data Analytics
  • Project Management/Governance
  • Open Data
  • Shared Services
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital Economy
  • Workplace 2.0
  • CIO Council Summit at MIT – Exploring Value, Productivity, Innovation, and Enterprise 2.0
  • Apple in the Enterprise
  • Workforce Development
  • Benchmarking
  • Collaboration in IT
  • Knowledge Management
  • Leadership
  • Security
  • Off-Shoring
  • IT Performance Management
  • Internal Relationship Management
  • Ways of "Bridging the Gap" (Engaging the Generations)
  • Internal Relationship Management
  • Sarbanes Oxley Act / Bill C-198
  • What Makes a Good CIO
  • Risk Management
  • IT Governance and Alignment
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


“As a Senior Assistant Deputy Minister in Government of Canada, it is imperative that we continue to strive at management excellence by reaching out to best practices networks inside Government and outside in Canada. The Conference Board of Canada CIO Council is a very effective and focused network of top CIOs in Canada where valuable information sharing is and continues to shape the CIO agendas in Government and outside Government ! It is where I stay in touch and influence IM/IT decisions every day!”

—Canada Border Services Agency

CCIO Brochure

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Contact us

For more information on how you can participate in the Council of Chief Information Officers, or for a guest invitation to a meeting, contact:

Deborah Fleck
Senior Manager, Executive Networks