Executive Network

The Quality Network for Universities

The Quality Network for Universities (QNU) brings together provosts and vice-presidents from across the country with responsibilities across university administration, including research, finance and operations, academics, and student affairs. It offers learning, dialogue, and best-practice exchanges around critical strategic issues facing today’s universities. By hearing from experts and leaders in other sectors, pooling experience, and debating alternatives, members gain fresh insights, identify new strategies, and avoid costly mistakes in addressing the unique challenges faced by our universities.



“Excellent presenters of highly relevant topics. Some of the best meetings of this kind that I have attended.”

—Michael Atkinson, Provost and Vice-President Academic, University Of Saskatchewan

“The great value of the network is that it brings together academic and business leaders from universities across the country, avoiding the silos that often exist in other organizations.”

—Catherine Riggall, Vice-President, Business Affairs, University of Toronto