An Employer’s Perspective: Retirement Savings and Preparedness

The Conference Board of Canada, 72 pages, October 27, 2014
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This report summarizes the information garnered through a 2014 survey of employers. The survey targeted HR executives and addressed key topics related to retirement planning, savings, and pension plans.

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An Employer's Perspective: Retirement Savings and Preparedness summarizes the findings of The Conference Board of Canada's Retirement Planning, Savings, and Pensions: A State of Practice in Canadian Organizations survey. A questionnaire was sent to more than 2,187 organizations with operations in Canada and addressed key topics related to retirement savings and pensions plans. A total of 177 organizations participated in the survey. This report provides insights into the prevalence of various forms of retirement savings and pension programs currently in place in Canadian workplaces. It examines the effectiveness of the plans and programs, and specifics on the costs of the plans. The report also delves into employer views on accountability for retirement preparedness and discusses the ways in which employers are supporting and preparing their staff for retirement. As well, the report examines employers' opinions regarding their employees' level of financial literacy and readiness for retirement.

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