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Council on Information and Knowledge Management

The Council on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) brings together senior leaders from public and private sector organizations who are responsible for knowledge management, knowledge strategy, information and collaboration management, crowd sourcing of ideas, and related functions. Together these leaders share their experiences and expertise in a peer-to-peer environment as they strive to leverage and maximize the value of their organization’s most important assets - knowledge, information, and people.

This group meets three times per year to share learnings and experiences related to key KM issues, to learn from experts in the field, and to examine business issues affecting their organizations on both a national and global scale.

This regular series of meetings provides an informal, confidential venue for members to discuss issues and challenges that currently affect their daily lives, and to stay on top of changes that are on the horizon. Through expert speakers, “show and tell” tours, and networking, participants of the Council on Information and Knowledge Management have a direct-line to this group of peers both during and between meetings.

Key Objectives

  • Facilitated exchange of strategies and practices for the integration of processes, learning and innovation to meet business goals.
  • Explore and discuss strategic business issues, new developments and concerns related to the management of knowledge.
  • Forum for peer-to-peer exchange of strategic information, issues and challenges that have significant implications for managing knowledge.


“My involvement in CIKM equips me with leading edge expertise in KM theory, communities, social learning concepts, and web tools. The network allows me to leverage a range of organizational experience and apply best practices and lessons learned in my own organization. Farm Credit has been part of since its inception and the take-aways from CIKM have informed and helped guide a successful evolution of Knowledge Management within our organization.”

—Farm Credit Canada

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The Council on Information and Knowledge Management is now closed.  For more information on what other information or knowledge management activities we are offering, please contact:

Marianne Fotia
Manager, Executive Networks

Amanda Pelkola
Sr Administrative and Meetings Coordinator, Science, Tech, & Innovation Policy