Research by Babatunde Olateju

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This summary for executives looks at the benefits and challenges of using of very small modular nuclear reactors (vSMRs) in Canada’s mining industry
The Conference Board of Canada | 2 pages | October 2020 | by Babatunde Olateju, Swapna Nair, Brett Goodwin
This issue briefing explores how small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) can meet energy demand and help tackle climate change, and provides recommendations for Canada’s global competitiveness...
The Conference Board of Canada | 16 pages | January 2020 | by Babatunde Olateju
Using a literature review and stakeholder interviews, this report presents insights for transit-shared mobility relationships. It also suggests strategies for transit authorities...
The Conference Board of Canada | 49 pages | July 2019 | by Babatunde Olateju, Julia Markovich, Roger Francis
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