M&A Leadership Playbook: Leadership Practices That Improve the Probability of Deal Success

The Conference Board, Inc., 37 pages, June 11, 2020
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In 2004, Drs. Sim Sitkin and Amy Pablo stated that “the role of leadership in M&As has been neglected or even denied.” Since then, not much has changed. Culture is the dominant topic written about and discussed in the context of why deals succeed or fail to attain their deal value. However, new research from The Conference Board paints a different picture of leadership’s role in M&As.

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As a companion to The Leadership Factor in Mergers & Acquisitions, released March 2019, this report identifies 16 M&A leadership practices that will help member companies involved in deal making take a more structured, focused approach to leadership in M&As; deepen their understanding of the leadership implications of their deals at the individual, team, business unit, and corporate function levels; and identify M&A leadership strengths to leverage and risk areas to mitigate. Based on applied research by J. Keith Dunbar, PhD, a Distinguished Principal Research Fellow, this playbook further explains the connection between leadership and deal value attainment.

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