Problematic Substance Use and the Canadian Workplace

The Conference Board of Canada, 31 pages, September 14, 2016
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This briefing presents the findings of an online survey on the policies and programs Canadian employers have developed and implemented to address problematic substance use in the workplace.

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Substance abuse costs the Canadian economy an estimated $40 billion each year. What's more, substance use is linked to numerous workplace outcomes, including absenteeism, lost productivity, on-the-job accidents and injuries, and workplace violence and harassment.

Employers can address problematic substance use in their workplace in a number of ways. Most often, they develop and implement drug- and alcohol-related policies and programs. Unfortunately, information about these policies and programs is typically not shared outside the organization, making it difficult to identify and understand existing patterns, trends, challenges, and best practices.

This briefing is the first of its kind to provide information on the frequency, types, and characteristics of existing drug and alcohol policies and programs among Canadian employers. Results are based on the findings of an online survey conducted by The Conference Board of Canada in the spring of 2014. In total, 179 public and private sector organizations, spanning 13 industries, participated in the survey.

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