Money on the Mind: A Profile of Financial Wellness Programming in Canadian Organizations

The Conference Board of Canada, December 7, 2017
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Just in time for financial literacy month, The Conference Board of Canada, in partnership with Sun Life Financial, released two reports on financial wellness in Canada.

The first, Financial Wellness and its Impacts on Individuals, Businesses, and Society, profiles the state of financial wellness in Canada. This includes taking a closer look at the financial literacy, financial health, and retirement readiness of Canadians.

The second report, The Design and Impact of Employer-Sponsored Financial Wellness Programs, explores financial wellness initiatives and offerings at organizations across Canada. This report summarizes recent survey data from 161 organizations on financial wellness offerings and delivery, measurement of program impact, and the effect of financial stress on individuals in the workplace.

In this 60-minute webinar, report authors Greg Sutherland and Monica Haberl will review the state of financial wellness in Canadian households—including financial literacy, behaviour, and attitudes—and the impact that organizations can have on the financial wellness of their employees.

Webinar Highlights

During this session, Greg and Monica will discuss:

  • The state of financial literacy in Canada. How does this drive financial behaviour?
  • The value of financial wellness programming in organizations, and the business case behind these initiatives.
  • An overview of financial wellness programming across organizations. What kinds of initiatives do employers provide? How are these initiatives designed, rolled-out, and evaluated?
  • The potential benefits of improving employees’ financial wellness—including reduced financial stress, reduced absenteeism, and behaviours that can lead to a more comfortable financial future.

About Monica

Photo of Monica HaberlMonica Haberl joined the Conference Board in 2015 as a Research Associate and Network Manager with the Organizational Performance division. She works with the Compensation Research Centre and the Council for Industrial Relations Executives. She has completed research in a variety of areas including total rewards, industrial relations, talent management, leadership and engagement.

About Greg

Photo of Greg SutherlandGreg Sutherland joined The Conference Board of Canada in 2002, and is currently a Principal Economist in the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care.

Greg’s role is to provide quantitative analysis of the sustainability of the Canadian health care system, as well as provide economic analysis for all projects undertaken by the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care.

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