Cannabis at Work: Early Findings Since Legalization

The Conference Board of Canada, June 26, 2019
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Recreational cannabis was legalized across Canada in the fall of 2018. Employers faced the change with varying levels of concern and readiness—some addressing it head on with policy change and direct communications, while others felt confident in existent fit-for-duty policies and a safety-oriented culture.

Following legalization, The Conference Board of Canada conducted an employer survey to gauge how prepared organizations were for the change. Monica Haberl and Nancy Norton explore this brand new research in this recorded webinar.

Webinar Highlights

This recorded webinar provides a first look at employer practices on a number of important topics such as:

  • Recreational cannabis policy (including fit-for-duty, zero tolerance, social media and more)
  • Supports in place for managing problematic cannabis use
  • Impairment at work—how it is defined, and how it is managed

Monica and Nancy also discuss specific findings related to alcohol and drug (A&D) testing practices:

  • Substances tested for and what are the determinants of “impairment”
  • Logistics of testing: budgeting, who conducts testing, and what does the organization do if an employee refuses a test
  • Considerations for organizations thinking about implementing A&D testing

About Monica

Photo of Monica HaberlMonica Haberl joined the Conference Board in 2015 as a Research Associate and Network Manager with the Organizational Performance division. She works with the Compensation Research Centre and the Council for Industrial Relations Executives. She has completed research in a variety of areas including total rewards, industrial relations, talent management, leadership and engagement.

About Nancy

Photo of Nancy NortonNancy Norton joined the Conference Board in 2017 as a Research Associate with the Human Capital research division. Nancy studied psychology at Mount Allison University and business at the University of Ottawa. She has worked on a range of research projects exploring topics including accessible work environments, diversity and inclusion, and human resource management and also works with the Council of Human Resources Executives.

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