Working in Multicultural Teams: How to Leverage Diversity

The Conference Board of Canada, June 8, 2011
Recorded Webinar
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The Conference Board of Canada is pleased to present a webinar that explores the strengths that come when diversity—be it racial, religious, gender, sexual orientation or generational—is leveraged to build a more inclusive and dynamic workplace. During this interactive session, Laraine Kaminsky will share her insights into challenges and opportunities organizations face when building and working in diverse teams.

Webinar Highlights

We are living and working in a global economy where the leveraging of people’s different cultural skills has become a prerequisite for doing business. The organizations that thrive in this new workspace understand the dynamics and potency of inclusive, high-performing teams.

Topics that will be addressed include:

  • The impact of culture on teams
  • Communication challenges
  • The complexities of unconscious bias

Laraine Kaminsky is President and Founder of GlobalLK, a company focusing on global diversity and inclusion strategy. Her expertise is in multicultural team performance improvement in the ever changing world. Laraine leads an enterprise which works with clients and colleagues to create flexible and inclusive workplaces and work teams across cultures, genders, races, religions, generations and borders. She has been recognized as a thought leader in her areas of expertise. Her clients include Fortune 100 companies as well as public and the not for profit sector in many countries.

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